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Our goal is to provide you with information about child care software features and how they can help your childcare center grow. Please review the information throughout this site. If you're actively looking for childcare management software, we encourage you request a free demo CD from our sponsor and see what they can do for you and your child care business.

Child Care Software Gives You More Time to Focus on the Kids!

Today the vast majority of childcare centers are using computers to enhance their administration. Facilitating increased efficiency in a range of tasks, from billing and accounting, to attendance and scheduling, computers have continued to become more affordable and more powerful. The childcare software that is currently available has also improved in terms of ease-of-use and program functionality. When considering computerization, the first place to start is with the childcare software to be used.

Child Care Software Data Management

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Although there are many wonderful general purpose programs like Microsoft Word, QuickBooks, Excel, etc., which can be useful in managing a childcare center, they are usually not a complete solution to a center's needs. For most childcare centers, it's wise to invest in software products that are specifically designed for the childcare industry. This site has been created to help you evaluate possible solutions and to suggest important criteria when evaluating childcare software
and vendors.

Finding a Child Care Software Vendor